Comments from Participating Physicians

Read below to find out what real medical professionals subscribing to Zarin's Medical Liability Alerts have to say about our publications.


"Excellent, informative. Helps me to practice defensive medicine." – Theodore Manny, M.D.
"Very helpful." "Helpful" – Prafulla C. Singh, M.D.
"Truly educational!" – Prafulla C. Singh, M.D.
"Great cases, has made me more aware and cautious." – Lourdes M. Viera, M.D.
"An eye opener!" – Carol E. Zimmermann, M.D.


"Very interesting and informative." – Rafael F. Coutin, M.D.

Cardiovascular Surgery

"Valuable. This kind of review should be required on a regular basis." "Outstanding, a must for every physician to be aware of the pitfalls in our experience with patients." – Thomas A. Clark, M.D.

Emergency Medicine

"Outstanding information, a ‘must-know’ for the clinician! I highly recommend it." "Excellent." – Michael Magoon, M.D.
"Excellent CME & great way to save $ on liability insurance." "Again excellent! The best way to get liability discount from TMLT (Texas). Concise, informative and practical. Thanks." – Eric R. Floyd, M.D.
"Superb way to get TMLT discount, and sound medico-legal advice we all should follow. Another great year!" – Eric R. Floyd, M.D.
"Excellent as always! Thanks!" – Eric R. Floyd, M.D.
"Very informative, excellent teaching tool." – Donna L. Ivey, M.D.
"ED Liability Alert is one of the most valuable publications I receive. I highly recommend it to every practicing physician." – Richard Schwab, M.D.
"Very informative CME and update." – David A. Roberts, M.D.
"An excellent use of my valuable time – thanks again!" – Frank G. Adams, D.O.
"An excellent risk management resource. I highly recommend it!" – Frank G. Adams, D.O.


"Excellent – I enjoyed this course very much!" – Steve Parks, M.D.


"The cases are dramatic – much of poor communication between MD’s and to patients/relatives happens daily still." – Ziga Tretjak, M.D.

Internal Medicine

"Excellent series – very informative and on point." – Paul Goldman, M.D
"Very good case presentations and discussions of malpractice issues. I have already incorporated these suggestions into my own practice since taking the tests. Anxiously await the coming issues. Well worth the cost. Thanks." "Excellent case presentations and discussions showing how to avoid medical malpractice suits." – Kenneth E. Kruczek, D.O.
"Very informative – of considerable practical importance." – Howard S. Goldberg, M.D.
"I’m glad I have enrolled in this activity. It has made me aware of details that I have often overlooked in my busy practice. I haven’t had any judgements against me so hopefully these reminders will keep me free until I retire." – Clarita S. Ketels, D.O.
"Excellent. Easy to understand." – Gilbert Mandel, M.D.
"It was relevant to become familiar with legal terminology." – Paul C. Krisa, M.D.
"Great!" – Paul Lewinter, MD
"Excellent course!!" –Jan S. Glowacki, M.D.


"Very interesting & an eye opener. I will review documentation policies in the office with my staff as a result of this CME." – Elis M. Priori, M.D.


"Thank you very much this was convenient to earn CME." – Steven Croft, M.D.
"Very enlightening and thought provoking. Actual cases bring home your risks." – Tom A. Hill, M.D.
"Excellent information – very helpful in practicing defensive medicine in this highly litigious society." – William L. High, M.D
"Excellent course – very informative!!" – William L. High, M.D.


"I think this course is excellent." – Christopher Rumana, M.D.
"Entire program is well done from my standpoint as I do a lot of medicalegal case evaluations." – Gary C. Hutchinson, M.D.
"Excellent activity." – Gustav Blomquist, Jr., M.D.
"Useful & helpful." – Edward Miller, M.D.


"Very worthwhile." – John J. Buckley, M.D.
"Very informative – helpful." – John L. Lockhart, M.D.
"It makes you think." – Hussain Rawji, M.D.
"Very helpful – thank you." "Good review, helpful, constructive, sobering." – Hector L. Fernandez, M.D.
"Excellent. Well written. Easy to Understand." "Excellent." "Thought Provoking." "Helps me improve my quality of care and hopefully decrease my risk." – Joel R. Teicher, M.D.
"Well to the point and of practical value." – Benjamin Eleonu, M.D.
"This program is very informative, very instructive and very helpful." "This practice is excellent." – Jean D. Joseph, M.D.
"A fool learns from his mistakes, a wise man learns from the mistake of others. That is why I find this publication so valuable." – Mark E. Scroggins, M.D.
"Case histories were interesting and informative." – Houshang Etessam, M.D.
"Excellent and interesting reviews of liability! Very helpful for practice application in any specialty." – Sandra E. Berg, M.D.
"Very helpful information with practical applications to our profession. The only other way to learn these lessons is through painful, personal experience." – Kevin J. Heinze, M.D.
"Please send further CME series! Really learned a lot. Thanks." – Debbie M. Jurgelsky, M.D.
"Very educational & informative." – Geoffrey Schnider, M.D.
"Wonderful program." – Vikram D. Patel, M.D.
"Very helpful. Good review and re-enforcement of practice methods we all have learned but may be overlooked in a busy practice." "Helpful in reinforcing good medical care." "Great review of risk management issues." – Gary W. Grafa, M.D.
"Very helpful. Taking the course yearly refreshes important liability issues." – Gary W. Grafa, M.D.
"Concise, easy format. Very informative." – Archie R. Barrett, D.O.
"Very good course" – Tim R. Tarkenton, M.D.
"Excellent material." – Tim R. Tarkenton, M.D.
"Very enlightening + educational." – Rose L. Magness, M.D.
"Very educational, informative & enlightening!" = Rose L. Magness, M.D.
"Eye opening." – Norman A. Back, M.D.
"Good, relevant case choices." – Mary A. Poag, M.D.
"Good case selection." – Mary A. Poag, M.D.
"Excellent Review." – Edward M. Klein, MD
"Very helpful and concise." – Stacey L. Thornton, MD
"Timely reminder of documentation and compulsive review of records." – Barbara D. Marino, MD
"Excellent information, great course!!!" – Joe Roman, III, M.D.


"Enjoyed the exercise." – Kevin J. Callahan, D.O.
"Very thorough and practical." – Stephen E. Zrada, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgeon

"Good instructional activity." – Raul B. Zelaya, M.D.
"Information very useful." – Ralph D. Cash, M.D.
"Fun and informative. You need to produce more than one per year." – Gaylon B. Seay, M.D.
"Please continue sending. I feel that by reading the material that is sent to me, I have become more aware of potential liability issues. I find this literature very helpful/informative." – Juan J. Capello, M.D.
"I continue to deeply appreciate the time and trouble that the authors go to, to put these very compelling cases together. They are a continual reminder of the serious nature of the work we do." "Mr. Zarin could easily put all these pearls in a book." – Mark A. Feldman, M.D.
"For these several years it has been my privilege to receive the subscription. Initially it was painful to read but always worthwhile." – Mark A. Feldman. M.D.
"Outstanding. Thanks for meeting our needs." – Thomas C. Binzer, M.D.


"This is an excellent course....a real 'eye opener'". – Brooks M. Mullen, M.D.
"Good test." – Robert D. Thiltgen, M.D.
"Very informative/enlightening" - Presley Mock, M.D.

Pain Management

"Provides a deeper understanding to the judicial system for medical malpractice cases for physicians." – Raka C. Gohel, M.D.


"Very informative!" – Rajeshwari Kaloji, M.D.
"The CME series made me more conscientious in documenting my records." – Herbert J. Roth, M.D.
"Makes you aware about importance of good record keeping and good relationships with parents & patients." – Perla E. Dizon, M.D.
"Well done, thank you." – Peter W. Hine, M.D.
"Always a good reminder of need for adequate documentation!" – Ramona C. Lopez, M.D.


"Excellent preparation for avoiding medic-legal risks." – Charles R. Markowitz, M.D.

Plastic Surgery

"This is a very educational eye-opener exercise. The high reward are mind boggling. I am very glad to be exposed to these facts. I really could not believe what I read. Thank you." "This is an excellent review showing multiple situations for exposure to liability. I am delighted that I participated and look forward to the coming one." – Ali A. Seif, M.D.
"Valuable again this year." – James M. Smith, M.D.
"Extremely helpful – improves your knowledge makes you a better physician – an eye opener – keep up the good work!" – Ponnuswamy T. Swamy, M.D.
"Excellent cases & test questions reinforce learning points." – Byron L. Brown, M.D.
"Definitely worthwhile!" – Byron L. Brown, M.D.
"Excellent & challenging material. Learned pitfalls to avoid in today’s litigious climate. Thank you very much for a superb CME." – Janet P. Parler, M.D.
"Very informative & enjoyable & I actually learned helpful hints for my practice. Many Thanks." – Janet P. Parler, M.D.
"Excellent, thought provoking & instructive." – Janet Parler, M.D.
"Concise, clear and very informative; an excellent educational experience that would be of significant benefit to any physician." – Lyle M. Back, M.D.
"Excellent Publication! I always learn something important with every issue – Thanks!" – Lyle M. Back, M.D.
"Always a valuable and interesting learning experience. Thank you!" - Lyle M. Back, MD

Primary Care – Family Medicine

"Excellent medical legal educational material." - Thomas E. Lowe, Jr. M.D.
"Cases provide insight into good preventive medicine measures which can/should be considered and utilized to help prevent tragedies." – Terry Sherman, M.D.
"Good review." – Wallace H. Mann, M.D.
"EXCELLENT; it helped with prevention of liability risk and with maintaining clinical expertise." – Miles A. Hutson, M.D.
"Excellent articles and analysis, very helpful." – Heidi A. Schultz, M.D.
"Excellent material. Excellent service." "First-rate material." – Thomas B. Carleton, M.D.
"Common sense helpful." – Alexander E. Rodi, Sr., M.D.
"Excellent cases, many of which hit extremely close to home and have reminded me of the importance of proper follow-up and persistent pursuit to find the cause of problems." – Shawn L. Conard, M.D.
"Excellent choices for case histories to emphasize areas of liability, especially relevant for being a caring person who documents well." – George A. Brooks, M.D.


"Helpful and educational." - John Daughdrille, M.D.
"Excellent CME." – Philip B. Katz, M.D.
"Clear and concise information covering the most pertinent malpractice issues. Job well done." "Good content, especially pertinent negatives." "A ok! Interesting/enlightening cases." "Relevant issues, well presented." – Charles R. Phelps, M.D.
"Very informative and thought provoking material." – Harbans Singh, M.D.
"Interesting & informative." – Charles K. Jenkins, M.D.
"Very useful educational experience." – Mohamed W. Alazem, M.D.
"Good, useful, informative." – Anudeep Jain, M.D.
"Enlightening course." – Charles L. Mott, M.D.
"Timely topics, very helpful." – Randall A. Stenoien, M.D.
"I thought the test & information was quite helpful." – Lester P. Gerson, M.D.
"Very eye-opening, useful material … well worth the time." – Sandip Basak, M.D.
"Excellent Course" – Vijay R. Sankhla, MD
"Very useful information." – Lori Gormley, MD
"Very helpful." – David J. Moeller, MD

Diagnostic Radiology

"Very good course … important, timely issues covered." – Leo 0’Connell, M.D.
"Very helpful in understanding situations from a legal perspective." "We have found these lessons to be very helpful and have changed the way we do business." "Very helpful!" "CME was very helpful." – David J. Moeller, M.D.
"The text was entertaining, instructive and informative." "Good information & exercise." – George J. Abdo, M.D.
"Excellent material." – Howard J. Pollock, M.D.
"Very helpful material for malpractice risk management." – Rajendraku M. Desai, M.D.
"Your course material is excellent, very practical with examples of cases that one may find defending in his or her own practice unless he or she follows the tips/advises given in your course material." – Rajendraku M. Desai, M.D.
"Very good." – Ralph E. Norton, M.D.
"This CME series works for me." - Craig A. Lehman, M.D.
"Always interesting and relevant." – Cynthia E. Gerson, M.D.
"Useful reminders." – Lloyd J. Davis, MD
"Excellent review of current state of malpractice decision-making." – Ronald Kolber, MD


"Reading the cases and the medical analysis and taking the test reminds me and helps me focus on appropriate patterns of practice which I use every day when I deal with patients." – Alexander Haselkorn, MD
"Excellent information." - Sonja M. Thompson, M.D.
"Educational." – W. Stuart Johnston, M.D
"Well put! Very reassuring." – Carlos G. Penaloza, M.D.
"Excellent course." – Michael J. Snyder, M.D.
"Well done. Very informative." – Frank M. Robertson, MD
"Excellent tool for rural physician to keep up with risk management awareness & satisfy malpractice carrier for optional premium credit." – Donald A. Behr, M.D.


"Excellent reviews – plan to continue to subscribe – keep up the good work!"
"Excellent publication – I really find it helpful. This is my 3rd year subscribing."
"Excellent publication – keeps me always alert to these issues."
"Excellent materials – keep up the good work."
"Excellent information – well done." – David F. Mobley, M.D.
"Excellent review & analysis – definitely worth the effort and time." "An excellent review of some very timely issues. Thanks." Alexander C. Gellman, M.D.
"Once again, an excellent overview of the process and discussion of the relevant material in each scenario. Thanks." – Alexander C. Gellman, M.D.
"Excellent reviews & explanations of the cases!" – Alexander C. Gellman, M.D.
"Informative, instructive, valuable information." – Scott C. Yeaw, M.D.
"Excellent program – highly instructive and relevant to my practice!" – Andrew L. Siegel, M.D.