Zarin's Online - Overview

Company History

Jury Verdict Review Publications, Inc.(JVR) has been monitoring and publishing jury verdicts with analysis and commentary for the legal, insurance and academic communities throughout the U.S. since 1980. JVR Publications' articles are frequently cited in court and during settlement/arbitration hearings as an authoritative text for case evaluation.

Zarin's Professional Liability Publications, the medical liability division of Jury Verdict Review Publications, Inc., utilizes the extensive malpractice database generated by JVR as a teaching tool for dentists, physicians and other healthcare providers. Zarin's risk management program combines years of publishing expertise with a continuing education component provided through a leading medical school/dental school/teaching hospital specifically for the purpose of avoiding/limiting malpractice and improving patient care. All cases cited in Zarin's Professional Liability Publications are the actual trial experiences of physicians, dentists and other medical caregivers, giving practical knowledge based upon these experiences. As explained by Dr. Heinze of Englewood, Co., an ob/gyn who recently participated in our program, Zarin's provides "Very helpful information with practical applications to our profession. The only other way to learn these lessons is through painful, personal experience."

Medical Liability Alert and Dental Liability Alert are trademarks of Jury Verdict Review Publications, Inc.

About the Editor

The professional advisory and analysis is edited by Ira J. Zarin, Esq., a preeminent attorney in the field of medical malpractice law with over 35 years of trial experience. Certified by the N.J. State Supreme Court in the field of civil litigation, he has written featured medical malpractice articles in AmJur and other authoritative legal/medical publications.

The Publisher

The publisher, Zarin's Professional Publications, Inc., has been specializing in reporting and analyzing civil liability determinations since 1980 and has become an accepted tool of practice by both defendants' and plaintiffs' trial attorneys as well as insurance claims managers/executives. This expertise has placed our staff of six full-time attorneys in a uniquely qualified position to report on and evaluate liability issues.